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Saving Power To Save Time And Money A few years back, my wife and I started taking a harder look at our finances, and we realized that we were spending a great deal of time and energy using power. We wanted to step things back a little bit, so we began thinking more carefully about how we were using electricity. We began turning off lights and using appliances less frequently, and it was cool to see our small changes at home make a big impact. We were able to completely overhaul our power use, and it was really neat to see our bill drop every month. This website is all about saving power to save time and money.

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Safely Removing Trees Or Overhanging Limbs From Your Property

Anytime you have to remove a tree or overhead limbs on your property, you need to make sure you can do it safely. There are so many things that could go wrong that you mi

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3 Amazing Things That Can Happen To Your Recycled Restaurant Grease

As a responsible restaurant owner, you utilize grease traps and grease recycling receptacles to capture and hold grease to be sent to the recycling center. While most res

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Tips For Avoiding Additional Dumpster Rental Fees When You Clean Out Your Garage

As if cleaning out your garage isn't a horrible enough project, it's a double whammy to finally complete the project only to get hit with a lot of extra charges because y

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What A Portable Solar Generator Looks Like On Your Tiny House

Tiny houses are adorable little houses frequently built onto the backs of flatbed trailers. Because these tiny homes are not built with any intention of remaining station